Friday, December 31, 2010

Battle of Albuera - Part Two

Move 1

The French start the battle on blinds, and the British and Spanish both wait to spot them before reacting.

On the left Gazan’s corps is spotted at once, and have to place all of their figures in column of march one behind the other. At the end of the move they are still crossing the ford, which prevents the horse artillery from doing so.
On the left Gazan’s corps cross the ford, they have to place the figures on the table one behind the other. This blocks the ford for the horse artillery of the cavalry corps.

On the right Girard’s corps approach the river with their extra artillery in front.

Gazan’s corps cross the river ford

Girard’s corps approach the river to the left of Albuera.

Move 2

The French cavalry cross the river to the left of the ford, and Soult takes command of their artillery which can only cross by the ford.

On the left Gazan’s corps still struggle across the ford.

On the right Girard’s corps near the river and his artillery fire on the Spanish infantry.

On the far left the French cavalry have crossed the river and pushed ahead on blinds as they are out of sight of the allied generals. To their right Gazan’s corps continue to cross the ford.

On the right Girard’s corps deploy this side of the river to keep the British pinned in Albuera. Their artillery now command the far bank to support Gazan’s attack.
Gazan’s corps cross the ford. Behind them Soult brings forward the horse artillery.

Girard’s reinforced artillery have deployed at the river bank to prevent the allied army moving to the ridge from Albuera.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Battle of Albuera - Part One

Historical background

In April 1811 General Beresford fought this battle to stop Marshal Soult from raising the siege of Badajoz.
Historical Map

Historical Orbat

Beresford British - 20,310 infantry 1,146 cavalry 36 guns
Blake Spanish - 14,634 infantry 1,887 cavalry 14 guns
Soult French - 24,260 infantry 4,112 cavalry 60 guns

Wargame Orbat

Beresford British - 48 infantry 8 cavalry 2 guns
Blake Spanish - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun
Soult French - 64 infantry 16 cavalry 4 guns

Table at start of battle

Blakes Spanish division is deployed on the left between the hill and Albuera. Cole’s British division is on the right in and behind the village. Stewart’s British division will arrive at the start of move two on the Badajoz road.

The French are on the nearside of the table, but are on blinds as they have not yet been spotted.

Special Rules

The allied army has four generals. Both Beresford and Blake are Poor, Stewart and Cole are both Average.

The French also have four generals. Soult is Gifted, the remainder are Average.

The river is fordable to infantry or cavalry, but they are disordered during the move they cross. Artillery can only cross by the bridge or ford.

Wellington and Massena may give orders to any commander or brigade, but they must be in base contact to do so. Such brigades must not have already carried out orders during the current move, and may not do so until the next move.

The Spanish division start the game on Hold orders and facing the river

Cole’s division also starts the game on Hold orders, in and around Albuera.