Friday, December 18, 2009

The Battle of Vimiero - Part One

Historical background

The battle of Vimiero was fought on 21 August 1808, just four days after his victory at Rolica, and was Wellesley’s second battle of the Peninsular War. He deployed his army at Vimerio in order to cover the disembarkation of reinforcements at the nearby Maceira Bay.

When news of the battle of Rolica reached Junot at Lisbon, he gathered all available troops and marched north to join forces with the retreating Delaborde and confront Wellesley.

Historical Orbat

Wellesley – 18000 infantry, 500 cavalry, 18 guns

Junot – 14000 infantry, 2000 cavalry, 23 guns

Wargame Orbat

Wellesley has three British and one Portuguese infantry and one cavalry brigade

Junot has three French infantry and one cavalry divisions.

Wellesley – 96 infantry, 8 cavalry, 3 guns

Delaborde – 96 infantry, 16 cavalry, 3 guns

Wargames table at start of game

Vimiero is the middle of the photographs, with hills either side. The road on the right leads from Rolica (top) to Lisbon (bottom). The road on the left leads to Maceira bay where the British reinforcements will land.

French deployment

The three French infantry and one cavalry brigades are deployed along the right side of the table.

British deployment

The British have three slightly smaller brigades deployed on the left of the table. One brigade in the town and one either side. The even smaller Portuguese brigade is in reserve along with the hussar regiment.

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