Thursday, January 28, 2010

Battle of Talavera - Part Two

Move 1

The game starts with all of the French commands on move orders and all of the allies on hold orders. Only the two commanders in chief can change these orders.

All French commands move forward. They are out of artillery range, so the allied commands do not move or fire.

Move 2

On the French right Ruffin uses most of his command points to move his artillery forward and unlimber. Because he has to move down from the cascajal hill he falls behind the other commands. On the left the cavalry halt opposite Talavera, outside artillery range. The remainder of the French commands continue to move forwards

Sherbrooke moves his reserve infantry closer to the pajar. The Spanish have 12 pounder guns and fire on the approaching enemy, but miss. The British have 6 pounder guns and are still out of range.
Move 3

The French continue their advance, and unlimber more artillery in the centre. On the right their artillery open fire on the medellin but miss. A battery on the left is hit by Spanish artillery but make their morale.

The allied artillery continue to fire on the approaching French. All of the enemy are now within artillery range, and one of the Spanish 12 pounders scores a hit.

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