Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Battle of Talavera - Part Three

Move 4

All of the French artillery are now unlimbered, and concentrate on the pajar and the medellin hill. They score a hit on the former, but the garrison make their morale. On the right Ruffin continues to advance towards the medellin. In the centre both Sebastiani and Leval are in position, but halt until their artillery has prepared the pascajal for attack.

The allied artillery have better targets than the French gunners, and continue to fire on the vunerable infantry. The British guns in support of pajar hit one of the French columns who fail their morale and are shaken. The Spanish infantry to the left of Talavera form square to protect their artillery against the enemy cavalry. Wellesley has joined his cavalry to give them orders to advance.

Move 5

Joseph orders Ruffin to advance and engage the medellin. His artillery fire in support, but only the enemy guns are visible and they miss. On his left Sebastiani receives more casualties on his left hand brigade causing it to rout thorough its supports resulting in them being shaken. He manages to rally his routed brigade, but it remains shaken and is now only suitable as support. Further to the left the Spanish artillery cause more casualties on the closely packed infantry columns of Leval. He has halted to await developments and redeploys his columns to avoid further overshoot casualties.

The British cavalry have moved forward to cover the gap between pajar and medellin. The allied artillery have done much better than expected, especially the Spanish. It is becoming apparent that the French will not be allowed the luxury of waiting for their artillery to prepare the enemy infantry.

Move 6

On the French right Ruffin attempts to outflank the medellin, the British artillery are too well placed for a frontal attack. To his left both Sebastiani has rallied one of his brigades, but one remains shaken. Leval is on hold orders and can only exchange artillery fire with the allies.

The allied artillery continue to fire on the nemy infantry, but fail to inflict any further casualties.

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