Thursday, July 29, 2010

Battle of Busaco - Part Five

Move 7

As the French approach the ridge on the left they receive casualties from British artillery, but must continue to attack due to their orders.

The French have entered Moura on the right and taken most of the village, but the light division continues to hold the edge of the village nearest to the ridge.

As Reynier (on left) approaches the ridge he suffers casualties from enemy artillery. On the opposite flank Ney has driven the rifles back into Moura (building removed for hand to hand fighting) .

The two French brigades on the left have suffered casualties and are shaken. The two on the right are still out of range. Marshal Reynier is on attack orders so must continue to advance until his orders are changed.

Massena has joined Ney to change his orders to attack. The rifles have retreated to the rear of Moura, and have suffered casualties. The brigade behind the village in square is to cover the retreat of the riflemen should that be necessary.

Move 8

The French have started to suffer heavy casualties, particularly on the left. But they are on Attack orders and must continue to try to attack as long as they have formed troops.

The light division are holding on to Moura and have beaten back the first French attack.

Marshal Reynier (on left) has routed the Portuguese brigade, but he has lost two of his own brigades on his left. The riflemen holding Moura, despite their casualties, have routed the leading French brigade and shaken the reserve brigade. The French attack is not going well.

The fighting in Moura is intense. The riflemen have driven off the first French attack, and the rout has disordered the French reserve brigade. However the rifles now have heavy casualties and must be replaced before the French can regroup and launch a fresh attack.

Marshal Reynier has lost the two brigades on his left, but has routed the enemy on his right. He must press home the attack and hope to take the ridge before the enemy can redeploy.

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