Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Battle of Busaco - Part Three

Move 3

The French have heavier guns than the British and Massena halts the advance to take advantage of this. The enemy infantry are within Moura or behind the ridge, and their guns a difficult target. The French artillery fire fails to inflict any casualties.

French artillery open fire on the village and the ridge. They are 12 and 8 pounders, and can fire longer than the British 6 pounders. The guns miss their target and are manhandled forward.

The French cavalry have been moved forward into the centre, where there are no enemy artillery deployed.

The village of Moura on the allied left is held by the light division. They are exposed to enemy artillery fire, and their supports on the ridge are too far back to support them. Wellington must decide whether to leave them and deny the village to the French, or withdraw them to the safety of the ridge.

Move 4

Massena continues to pound Moura.

Wellington orders the light division to withdraw from the village. He also orders his artillery to pull back behind the ridge until the French come within range of the lighter British guns.

French artillery concentrate their fire on the village of Moura and inflict two casualties. The garrison make their morale, but are ordered to withdraw from the village to avoid further casualties. Artillery is also ordered to withdraw behind ridge until the French come within range.

British artillery on the right ridge manhandle their guns back until French approach within range.

Riflemen withdraw from the village of Moura (building removed to allow measurement of withdrawal). Reserve brigade has moved forward in square to cover the withdrawal from the enemy cavalry.

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