Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Battle of Albuera - Part Five

Move 7

Good move for the allies, the Poor Card was drawn too late to have any effect.

The French receive casualties from the guns on Spanish Hill, but press on with their attack.

French artillery cross the Albuera bridge to join the rest of the corps preparing to attack the town.

Soult arrived too late to change the cavalry Halt orders

The French on the left receive casualties as they approach Spanish Hill

The artillery on the right is crossing the Albuera bridge to join the rest of the corps.

Behind the village the French cavalry wait for new orders.

On the French left Gazan moves his guns over the Albuera bridge to join the rest of his corps.

The allied right flank is secured as the French cavalry wait for new orders

Move 8

Once more the Poor Card comes too late to have any influence.

Blake has joined the defenders of Spanish Hill, who despite casualties are still holding the hill. His artillery has routed, but he managed to rally a Shaken brigade. The French have also received heavy casualties and have lost one brigade to rout and two more are Shaken. The battle for this critical hill is very much in the balance.

Beresford has moved both Stewart and Cole to meet the main French attack. In doing so he has left Albuera weakly defended and the French are crossing the river to take advantage.

The battle is reaching the stage where good or bad luck with the dice could result in prompt victory or defeat

On the left the battle for Spanish Hill is in the balance.

On the right the French are allowed to cross the river using the undefended bridge.

The battle for Spanish Hill. The Spanish gunners have abandoned their guns, but the infantry exchange musket fire with the French. A third Spanish brigade is about to join the fight.

French artillery are crossing the Albuera bridge without any resistance from the British.

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