Saturday, January 1, 2011

Battle of Albuera - Part Three

Move 3

On the left Gazan’s cross cross the river and move to engage the Spanish hill. Behind them the cavalry move swiftly beyond the hill to pin any allied reinforcements at Albuera.

On the right Girard is unable to cross the river because Cole is holding the bridge with infantry and cavalry.. The artillery has caused casualties to the Spanish brigade, which is now Shaken.

British reinforcements reach Albuera from Badajoz. However Beresford has missed his turn due to the Poor Card and they are still under orders to move to Albuera.
On the left the Spanish have finally started to redeploy to hold the hill.

On the right the Spanish infantry have suffered artillery casualties and are Shaken.

On the right Girard prepares to cross the river under cover of the massed artillery.

The British and Spanish around Albuera concentrate on Girard and ignore the threat to their right flank from Gerard.

Move 4

On the left the French cavalry have been spotted throwing the Spanish into confusion. Gerard prepares to attack the Spanish Hill

On the right Girard starts to cross the river near Albuera, protected by his grand battery.

On the left the Gerard prepares to attack the Spanish Hill. To his left the cavalry have been spotted, but are in position to prevent any reinforcements reaching the hill.

On the right Stewart (still on blinds) remains halted on the Badajoz to Albuera road.
Gerard comes under fire from the Spanish artillery as he prepares to attack the hill. To his left the cavalry have halted.

Cole remains firmly in control of Albuera. He has occupied the village and is moving a second brigade through the village to support the Spanish beyond.

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