Monday, January 3, 2011

Battle of Albuera - Part Four

Move 5

Beresford takes command of the hussars covering Albuera bridge and moves them to counter the French cavalry. He also orders Steward to move forward to the right of the Spanish Hill.

Gazan takes advantage of the withdrawal of the cavalry to limber his guns and move them nearer to Albuera. His infantry have already crossed the river.

Blake and Steward have deployed to face the threat to their right flank from Gazan.

Girard is moving forward to take advantage of this weakening of Albuera.

Beresford has brought the Spanish dragoons and British hussars to support Stewart against the stronger French cavalry.

Cole is concentrating on supporting the Spanish, but has withdrawn his infantry and cavalry from the bridge.

Move 6

On the left the Gerard waits for Gazan to attack Albuera before he attacks the Spanish Hill.

Soult has joined Gazan and issued orders for him to Engage Albuera. He is moving his artillery within range of the village.

Gazan is moving his corps to their right in order to attack the lightly held Albuera.

Stewart has placed his infantry in square and halted the French cavalry.

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