Thursday, February 3, 2011

Battle of Salamanca - Move 1

Table at the start of move 1

Rule Notes

The rules used in this game can be found at

There is one card for each commander, plus a Poor card

The cards are drawn to determine move sequence

When the Poor card is drawn the next Poor commander drawn may not issue orders

Each commander rolls an average dice at the start of each move to determine how many orders he can issue.

A Gifted commander adds 3

An Average commander adds 2

A Poor commander adds 1.

The photographs are shown in the same sequence as the move was played.

British right

Packenham ordered his hussars to charge the enemy cavalry.

In case they lose the melee he ordered his leading infantry to form square

The remainder of the infantry are in column of attack

British centre

Cole has orders to support Packenham

He is moving between the village and the hill in column of march

British left

Leith has orders to hold the Lesser Arapiles

His infantry are in column of march to move quicker if they have to deploy

French left

Thomiere has lost the cavalry melee and his chasseurs are Shaken

His leading infantry have formed square to protect the rest of the column

The artillery have unlimbered next to the square

The remainder of the division is in column of march

French right

Clausel has orders to hold the Greater Arapiles

His division are deployed on the hill and to the left

Brennier is marching on the road behind them

His cavalry have been sent ahead to protect the column.

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