Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Battle of Salamanca - Move 6

Table at the start of move 6

British right

Packenham is saved by the successful hussar charge which captures the artillery and then breaks the support infantry column.

His situation is also helped by rallying his two Routed brigades, which are now Shaken

British centre

Cole is also in a strong position now that his heavy dragoons have broken the enemy lancers.

His infantry are now in position to advance against the French centre

British left

Leith is on Hold orders, it is too risky to attempt to attack with a Poor Commander

French left

Thomiere has lost all of his gunners and one of his infantry brigades

The remainder are all pinned in square by the British hussars

French centre

Brennier has lost the cavalry melee and his infantry columns are now in danger

French right

Clausel now has his infantry in position and has requested orders to advance

Rule Notes

The rules used in this game can be found at


In some circumstances there is an automatic result called a “Quick Result”, for example when gunners are charged in the rear by cavalry and fail their morale to react.

Rule 8 covers Quick Results

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