Saturday, February 5, 2011

Battle of Salamanca - Move 3

Table at the start of move 3

British right

Hussars halt having failed Opportunity Charge test.

Artillery move into range of the enemy.

Infantry deploy towards French

British centre

Artillery and Cavalry cover infantry deployment

British left

Cole moves his division off the Lesser Arapile towards the French

French left

Thomiere’s cavalry have routed

His artillery are firing on the approaching infantry

His square protects the gunners

French reserve

Brennier’s division march behind the Greater Arapile.

He has sent his cavalry forward to protect the advance

French right

Clausel moves his division off the Greater Arapile towards the British

Rule Notes

The rules used in this game can be found at

Cavalry can declare an Opportunity Charge on Shaken enemy

Test morale at start of enemy move

Rule 6 explains the procedure in full

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