Saturday, October 9, 2010

Battle of Fuentes de Orono - Part Four

Move 6

The French continue to cross the river in the centre. The cavalry have forced the gunners of two batteries to abandon their guns, and continue to threaten to prevent them from returning.

Close up of the action around Poco Vehlo. The French cavalry prevent the gunners returning to their guns. Two French brigades have closed on the river and are skirmishing with the defending British brigade. French artillery have inflicted casualties on the rifle brigade, but they continue to hold the village.

Close up of the action around Fuentes de Orono. Wellington has moved the square sheltering the gunners nearer to the village to protect the flank of the Portuguese brigade. With the threat from the British artillery removed the French are approaching the river.

Move 7

On the left the French are exchanging fire with Poco Vehlo. The cavalry in the centre continue to dominate the allied artillery, the brigade on the right is moving to allow the supporting infantry to approach the square. On the right the French are also closing on Fuentes de Orono.

Close up of Poco Vehlo. The French artillery have failed to cause sufficient casualties on the rifles to force them to abandon the village. Their infantry are not ready to assault the village and continue to exchange skirmish fire.

Close up of Fuentes de Orono. The British continue to hold their position. The French are deployed and ready to engage the defenders. Out of sight on the left the British artillery have routed a French brigade which was attempting to engage the village.

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