Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Battle of Fuentes de Orono - Part Two

Move 1

The British are on the top of the photograph and all figures are on the table. The French are advancing from the bottom of the table. They have not yet been identified by the British so they are shown as a skirmish screen. When they move within spotting distance (24”) of a French general he will dice to spot them each time they move.

Move 2

All of the French commands have now been spotted and the figures placed on the table. There are three commands. On each flank are three infantry brigades supported by artillery. In the centre a mixed command of elite infantry and mounted dragoons

The French left hand column is within artillery range of Poco Vehlo and has unlimbered their artillery. They are currently on Move orders, which means that they can move towards the enemy but not attack them. Marshal Massena is approaching from the right to change their orders to Engage.

Move 3

The centre French column has reached the river Dos Casas and the enemy artillery has limbered to redeploy and fire on them as they cross. The left hand dragoon brigade has made its morale for an opportunity charge and forced the enemy gunners to seek safety in the village. The supporting British hussars failed their morale and were unable to counter charge.

The Brtish gunners have abandoned their guns and taken refuge in Poco Vehlo, which is held by the rifle brigade. The supporting Portuguese brigade has formed square to contain the enemy dragoons. The British hussars have failed to charge the enemy dragoons as they crossed the river because they failed their morale.

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