Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Battle of Fuentes de Orono - Part Three

Move 4

The French have crossed the river in the centre, and their leading dragoon brigade have forced the British hussars to retreat. The British artillery to their right have inflicted casualties on the leading infantry brigade, but they have made their morale.

Close up of the action around Poco Vehlo. The British hussars have retreated after a melee with the French dragoons. The British gunner have abandoned their guns and taken refuge in the village. The second French dragoon brigade, supported by two infantry brigades, are about to cross the river.

Move 5

On both flanks Wellington has brought up his infantry in line to fire on the French as they cross the river. The French dragoons have crossed in the centre, and are facing both left and right to cover the supporting infantry as they cross the river.

At Poco Vehlo the French cavalry deploy to cover the infantry as they cross the river. The leading brigade has suffered two casualties from British artillery, and is Shaken.

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