Monday, October 4, 2010

Battle of Fuentes de Orono - Part One

Historical Map

Historical Orbat

Wellington - 34,000 infantry - 1,864 cavalry - 48 guns

Massena - 42,000 infantry - 4,662 cavalry - 38 guns

Wargame Orbat

Wellington 56 infantry - 8 cavalry - 3 guns

Massena 64 infantry - 16 cavalry - 2 guns

Table at start

Wellington’s army is deployed on the table at the start of the game. They are on the far side of the table. The building on the right is Fuentes de Orono, the one on the left is Poco Velho.

Massena’s army enters the table on blinds anywhere along the nearest edge. When they are spotted the figures will be placed on the table.

Special Rules

The British have three generals

The French have three generals, but they may have one more if they combine cavalry or artillery to form a reserve

The river is fordable to infantry or cavalry, but they are disordered during the move they cross. Artillery can only cross by a bridge.

Wellington and Massena may give orders to any commander or brigade, but they must be in base contact to do so. Such brigades must not have already carried out orders during the current move, and may not do so until the next move.

Crauford’s command at Poco Vehlo, overlooked by Wellington with the cavalry brigade

Spencer’s command at Fuentes de Orono


  1. I really admire the simplicy of your battles. Great photos and report, thanks...

  2. Capt Bill

    I am glad that you like the battle report.

    Over the years we have gone from small simple games, to large complicated ones and now back to small again.

    As Jan and I wargame together so much, we are not too concerned about winning or losing. We like games that dont last too long, as it can get boring having to spend hours fighting a battle that you have long since lost!

    Our present size and complexity of game seems to suit us really well. We spend an hour or two at the table most days, and a game usually lasts about one week.

    Nice to get some feedback. Thanks