Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Battle of Waterloo - Move 1

 Table at the start of move 1

Top left – Cooke is in and behind Hougoumont, Cole in La Haye Sainte
Top right – Picton is on the ridge, Uxbridge in reserve
Bottom left – Vandamme and Reille waiting for orders to advance
Bottom right – Drouot and d’Erlon in front with Kellerman and Pajol in reserve

 French  Left

Vandamme, on the left, advances towards Hougoumont woods
Reille, on the right, advances towards La Haye Sainte

 French Right

Drouot, with the Imperial Guard, is on the left nearest to the road
D’Erlon is on the right
Kellerman is in reserve with the heavy cavalry

 British Left

The French are out of artillery range
Picton in on and behind the hill
Cole is in and behind La Haye Sainte
Uxbridge and the cavalry are in reserve

British Right

Cooke has moved forward off the ridge to support Hougoumont
Clinton is in reserve behind La Haye Sainte

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