Thursday, May 17, 2012

Battle of Waterloo - Move 9

Table at the start of move 9

Top left – French cavalry under fire from Hougoumont garden
Top right – d’Erlon approaches British held ridge
Bottom left –Vandamme regroups his corps in Hougoumont woods
Bottom right – Guard infantry in position to protect d’Erlon’s flank

French Left

French light cavalry withdraw
Reille occupies La Haye Saint
Napoleon joins Vandamme in the woods

French Right

The guard infantry hold their ground despite more artillery casualties
D’Erlon winning skirmish fight at the ridge
British Left

Picton rallies his shaken highlanders on the ridge
Wellington joins Uxbridge as one hussar brigade threaten French massed battery

British Right

Hougoumont is secure
Cole rallies his corps behind La Haye Sainte
Clinton moves his corps to the right to make space for Cole
Opportunity Charge
Cavalry may attempt an opportunity charge on limbered artillery that come within charge range.    The British hussars attempt to charge the guard artillery.   They passed the morale test to do so, but when they then checked the distance they were just out of range.  They must however move forward a quarter move before they can halt.

Rule 6 covers opportunity charges

Wargame rules can be found at

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