Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Battle of San Marcial - Move 3

Table at start of move 3

Four French divisions near the Spanish held hills

The British reserve division has moved onto the near hill in the centre

French left

4th French division take casualties as they approach the hill

Only the Spanish artillery are in sight at the front of the hill

French Centre

3rd Spanish division miss their turn again due to Poor Card

1st British division are on the hill behind San Marcial

2nd and 3rd French divisions mass their artillery against San Marcial

French Right

1st and 2nd French divisions move on Irun

Spanish infantry on the hill have retreated closer to the town

Spanish reserve infantry are moving forward to support the artillery

Game Notes

Davout is moving two divisions towards Irun

Davout has also concentrated two of his guns to support the attack on San Marcial

3rd Spanish division has missed their turn three times due to the Poor Card

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