Friday, August 26, 2011

Battle of San Marcial - Move 5

Table at start of move 5

Four French divisions skirmish with Spanish
The British reserve division moves to support Irun

French left

French artillery win counter battery fire

Spanish manhandle artillery back from edge of hill

French infantry lose skirmish and rout

French Centre

French win counter battery exchange

Spanish guns withdrawn shaken

French infantry charge hill and rout Spanish infantry

French Right

French infantry skirmish with artillery and infantry at Irun

French infantry receive artillery fire, but hold their position

British infantry arrive in support of Spanish on hill

British Reserve

1st British division move to support Irun.

Game Notes

French artillery are winning the counter battery fire

Infantry on both sides skirmish, and both have their success and failure

British reserve arrive to support the Spanish at Irun.

The Poor Card is drawn too late to affect this move

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