Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Battle of San Marcial - Move 4

Table at start of move 4

Four French divisions take casualties from the Spanish artillery

The British reserve division has moved onto the near hill in the centre

French left

4th French division take more casualties as they approach the hill

French artillery fire on Spanish guns, but they concentrate on the infantry

French Centre

Spanish artillery fire on French gunners, but miss

3rd French division reach foot of San Marcial hill

1st British division move to the right towards Irun

French Right

In the centre 2nd French division miss their move due to the Poor Card

On the right 1st French division march towards Irun

At the back the British reserve division is moving to support Irun

Game Notes

The French take casualties as they near the Spanish held hills

The Poor Card has prevented the Spanish centre firing on the approaching French

The British reserve division has been committed to support Irun

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