Friday, August 26, 2011

Battle of San Marcial - Move 6

Table at start of move 6

French infantry skirmish on hills

Two our of four Spanish artillery are shaken (yellow markers)

French left

One French brigade has routed (red marker)

Remaining infantry are clearing the hill

Spanish infantry are either shaken or in rout

French Centre

Spanish infantry in rout on San Marcial hill

Reserve infantry move forward to counter attack

No target for French artillery as Spanish guns withdrawn from crest of hill

French Right

Two French brigades in skirmish with Spanish artillery and infantry

Remaining two brigades hold back because of Spanish on hill

2nd French division (left) have missed their turn once more due to Poor Card

British Reserve

1st British division move on to hill and deploy either side to support Irun

Game Notes

The Spanish divisions are all shaken, and some brigades in rout

The French artillery are all screened by their own infantry

Corps commanders are using all of their command points to press home the French attack

The Poor Card has caused 2nd French division to miss its turn again

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