Monday, August 29, 2011

Battle of San Marcial - Move 8

Table at start of move 8

French have taken the centre and right hand hills

British and Spanish still hold left hand hill and Irun

French left

4th French division have taken the left hand hill

The whole 4th Spanish division is in rout

French Centre

3rd French division have taken San Marcial hill

Fleeing Spanish are disrupting British reserve

French Right

1st French division (right) have broken Spanish outside Irun

2nd French division (left) are attacking along the hill towards Irun

Allied Left

2nd Spanish Division still hold Irun, but remainder of division is in rout

Allied Centre

3rd Spanish division in full rout from San Marcial hill

1st British division trying to hold despite the Spanish rout
Allied Right

4th Spanish division in full rout

Table at end of Move 8

The French have gained all the hills, and pushed past Irun

1st British division holding on and will cover the Spanish retreat


Wellington is holding the main position with three Spanish divisions, and he has one British division in reserve. In 1813 he held the line with the Spanish alone.

For this game we have increased the morale value of the Spanish, but left their firing and skirmish value at class C. One quarter of the French army is of a similar low quality.

This is one of the few battles fought by infantry and artillery, the ground was not suitable for cavalry.

The Spanish were deployed behind the crest, with only their artillery visible to the enemy. So their gunners came under counter battery fire from the start, and the French gunners proved very lucky with their dice throw.

The Spanish infantry were easily out skirmished, and once one brigade broke the remainder soon followed.

The British reserve division held the line at Irun, but the battle was lost in the centre on on the allied right.

In retrospect I would increase the Spanish skirmish capacity to help them hold their own, but that would not be very historically correct.

British casualties were 3 infantry and 1 gunner

Spanish casualties were 21 infantry and 7 gunners

French casualties were 8 infantry and no gunners


  1. Hi Ray

    Glad you are enjoying the report.

    I spend most of my time running a PBEM 1813 campaign set in northern Germany. But in between campaign battles its nice to have a go at something different. And it gives me a chance to use my British, Portuguese and Spanish armies.