Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Battle of Orthez - Move 2

Table at start of move 2

All of Wellington’s army is now on the table

They have all taken multiple moves are they are more than 16” from the French

Davout has not yet committed his reserve

British Far Left

Cole has advanced within 16” of St Boes

His hussars have moved forward to counter the French cavalry on the hill

Wellington has changed their orders to Engage

British Left

Alten advances 8” towards St Boes from the south

He is now within 16” of the enemy and can not take multiple moves

British Centre

Picton advanced 8” to the edge of the hill overlooking St Boes from the south

British Right

Stewart advanced 8” towards d’Erlon

He has unlimbered his artillery

He has also put his Portuguese in square to protect the gunners

French Left

D’Erlon has ordered his artillery to fire on Stewart, miss and no casualties

French Right

Reille is waiting for the enemy to come within artillery range

His cavalry have moved forward to the crest of the hill

French Reserve

Clausel is in reserve behind d’Erlon

Waiting for orders to deploy

Orders arrive to move forward, but arrive too late for this turn

Game Notes

The are now unable to make multiple moves because they are within 16” of the enemy.

Rule 5 covers movement

Wellington has changed Cole’s orders to Engage so that he can attack the enemy

Rule 4 explains what action can be taken on Move, Halt, Hold, Engage or Attack orders.

The rules used can be found at

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