Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Battle of Orthez - Set Up

Historical background

In February 1814 Soult withdrew his main army from Bayonne and retreated towards Toulouse, hotly pursued by Wellington. The French took up a strong defensive position at Orthez on the river Pau and waited for Wellington to attack. On 27 February 1814 he did so.

Map of battle

Historical Orbat

Wellington - 40,000 British

Soult - 33,000 French

Wargame Orbat

Wellington (Gifted) - 128 Infantry 16 cavalry 4 guns

Soult (Gifted) - 96 infantry 12 cavalry 3 guns

British commanders

Stewart (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Picton (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Clinton (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Alten (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

French commanders

D’Erlon (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Reille (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Clausel (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Table at start of battle

St Boes is the village in the centre of the table

Road top right leads to Toulouse

All other roads lead to Bayonne

Orthez is off table bottom right

Reille is in St Boes

D’Erlon is deployed between the village and the T junction

Clausel is in reserve top right

Cole will arrive centre left

Alten will arrive bottom left

Picton will arrive bottom centre

Steward will arrive bottom right


This battle is based on Orthez, it is not meant to be a refight of it.

We use our own rules to fight all of these battles.

Link to wargame rules


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  1. Very good information. I'm anxious to hear how things play out.