Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Battle of Orthez - Move 6

Table at start of move 6

Wellington attempts to redeploy his army

Davout has deployed his army to meet the attack

British Left

On the left Cole moves his corps to the left

On the right Alten deploys his corps in front of St Boes

Once again the artillery fail to inflict any casualties

Cole is pinned by the lancer brigade opposite his far left

He has managed to rally his routed highland brigade

British Centre

Picton has orders to attack to the right of St Boes

He is trying to move his corps to the right

French artillery causing casualties

French cavalry preventing infantry advance

British Right

Stewart is faced by odds of two to one

His cavalry have lost the cavalry melee and are in rout

Both his artillery and Portuguese square are shaken by the rout

French Right

Reille has suffered no casualties and is waiting for the British to attack

His lancers on the right flank are pinning the enemy infantry

French Left

Clausel has deployed his corps to the left of the road

His cavalry have routed the British dragoons and shaken their gunners

The rest of his corps is almost in position ready to advance

Game Notes

The British are having a long run of very poor dice

Their artillery consistently fail to inflict any casualties

They have lost half of their cavalry in melee

The failure of their attack on the flanks has halted the advance

They must take St Boes to break the strong French position

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