Saturday, December 10, 2011

Battle of Orthez - Move 4

Table at start of move 4

Wellington’s army is badly deployed to meet the French reserve deployment

Davout has committed his reserve corps on the far right

British Far Left

French lancers charge routed British cavalry and cut them all down

Cole orders his corps to halt

Left hand brigade forms square to protect infantry from lancers

Shaken brigade fails morale test and routs

British Left

Artillery halt and unlimber

Hussars advance on left and form line

New orders arrive from Wellington

Engage St Boes village

British Centre

Picton moves his cavalry to the left flank out of artillery range

Artillery advance off hill and unlimber

Infantry advance off hill

Wellington sends orders to face right and support Stewart

British Right

Wellington orders Stewart to Hold

Artillery fire on French infantry and inflict casualties

French pass morale test for casualties

Portuguese infantry form square to protect gunners

French Left

Clausel is trying to deploy the reserve to the left of the road

D’Erlon has deployed his infantry to the right of the road

His artillery are also right of the road, fire on British infantry and miss

His cavalry brigade is on the left, and mingled with Clausel’s advance

French Right

Artillery fire at close range at enemy infantry but fail to hit

Lancers charge routed British hussars and cut them all down

Game Notes

When a routed brigade is caught they are all cut down

This is one of seven “quick results” which are automatic

Rule 8 covers Quick Results

Wellington is finding it difficult to react to the French reserve

His far left has been halted by Reille and will be lucky to hold their ground

On his far right Stewart is facing two corps and must also halt

In the centre both Alten and Picton must redeploy to meet these set backs

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