Monday, December 12, 2011

Battle of Orthez - Move 5

Table at start of move 5

Wellington’s army is badly deployed to meet the French reserve deployment

Davout has committed his reserve corps on the far right

British Far Left

Artillery fire and miss

Infantry on the right move to the left flank

Highlanders fail morale test and continue to rout

British Left

Artillery fire on St Boes but no casualties

Infantry advance 8” towards the village

Hussars advance 10” to cover left flank

British Centre

Artillery limber and move 4”

Right hand brigade advance 4” and form column of attack

British Right

Artillery fire on nearest infantry but no casualties

Portuguese square advance 2” to support gunners

Dragoons retire 6” facing enemy

French Left

Clausel is taking position on the left of the road

D’Erlon is in position to the right of the road

D’Erlon moves his cavalry to his right flank

French Right

Artillery fire at close range at enemy infantry but fail to hit

Lancers withdraw 6” to main battle line

Game Notes

Both sides need some time to get their corps in position

The French is almost complete.

Reille is on the right

D’Erlon is in the centre

Clausel is on the left

Wellington has more problems, because there is less space to redeploy

Cole is on the far left

Alten is moving into position to the right of Cole

Picton is trying to move to the right of St Boes

Stewart is holding the right

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