Thursday, December 15, 2011

Battle of Orthez - Move 7

Table at start of move 7

Wellington’s right flank starts to disintegrate

Davout orders his centre and left to attack

British Left

On the left Cole continues to move to his left

On the right Alten moves towards St Boes

Once again the artillery fails to inflict any casualties

French cavalry and occupation of St Boes make any advance impossible

British Centre

Picton is pinned by St Boes in front and the hill behind

Only one infantry brigade and his artillery are in place to meet the French attack

British Right

Stewart’s whole corps has broken in rout

Only one infantry brigade remains to cover the retreat, and they are shaken

French Right

Although out numbered two to one, Reille continues to hold his position

His cavalry hold his right, and St Boes his left

He has broken the enemy cavalry, making any allied advance very risky

French Left

Clausel on the left and d’Erlon on the right advance

Stewart’s corps in front of Clausel have broken and routed

Picton’s corps in front of d’Erlon are unable to deploy

Table at the end of the game

Game Notes

This has been a most unusual complete disaster for Wellington. And all the more unusual because he outnumbered the French four to three.

The result was partly due to consistent poor dice for the allied army.

Credit must go to Davout for deploying his reserve against the weak allied right flank.

Wellington had to take St Boes, and failed to do so. Worse Davout defeated his two leading corps, Cole and Stewart, and they were unable to take sufficient ground for the tow reserve corps, Alten and Picton, to deploy

The complete collapse of his right flank caused Wellington to order an immediate withdrawal.

Casualties were very light:

British casualties 2 infantry, 7 cavalry, 4 gunners

French casualties 2 infantry

Result – a convincing French victory

The rules used can be found at

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