Friday, March 18, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Move 1

Table at the start of move 1

There are five Anglo-Spanish columns poised to attack Vitoria

Bottom right Morillo in front of Puebla heights

Bottom left Picton in front of Arinez

Left Alten to left of Arinez

Top left Graham to left of Vitoria

Bottom d’Erlon on and behind Puebla heights

Centre Gazan holds Arinez hill and village

Top Reille holds Vitoria and Gamara

Wellington has joined Morillo, and ordered him to move to the left of Puebla heights rather than risk a direct attack

d’Erlon has moved his cavalry towards the centre and in moving his infantry onto the heights.

Picton has deployed his cavalry and artillery to the right to cover his infantry columns as they move towards Arinez.

Gazan is faced with a two pronged attack on Arinez, Picton from the south and Alten from the west.

Alten moves across the Zadorra river

French artillery on the hill is facing south towards Picton

Graham moves his column across the river Zadorra towards Gamara

The French flank guard at Gamara fire on the British cavalry and inflict casaulties

The French reserve between Vitoria and Gamara are commanded by Reille

Game Notes

The French artillery at Gamara were lucky to hit the British cavalry as they crossed the river. A hit requires at least 8 with 2xD6. In our rules every hit has an effect on fighting ability and morale.

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