Monday, March 28, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Move 9

Table at the start of move 9

Morillo is taking punishment from the French guns on Puebla Heights

d’Erlon has changed his orders to Halt, as he will not have time to attack the Spanish before nightfall, and does not want to take casualties advancing against them.

Picton is reorganizing his infantry on Arinez Hill

Alten is also regrouping his infantry now that the French cavalry have withdrawn.

Gazan has reorganized his infantry and artillery to hold Arinez village

Graham is waiting for further orders just west of Gamara

Reille has completed his deployment at Gamara.

The Spanish square has finally broken and routed. Wellington has joined Morillo and ordered him to withdraw out of range of the French artillery on the hill.

D’Erlon has abandoned his advance and is content to hold the hill.

Picton has regrouped his infantry on the hill, but dare not advance against the village without cavalry support. His heavy cavalry have just lost their morale and routed.

Gazan has a garrison in Arinez village and artillery in canister range of the hill.

Alten is ready to advance on Gamara from Arinez hill, but is unable to do so due to the French cavalry.

Graham is unable to advance due to the concentration of French cavalry and artillery around Gamara


Wellington started the battle with more infantry than the French, but less artillery and cavalry.

The French had more artillery than the allied army, and their guns were 12 and 9 pounders against the allied 6 pounders. They also had more cavalry.

Wellington had more infantry, but he quickly lost all of his cavalry.

In the early stages the allied army was able to cross the river and take Arinez hill.

But outgunned, and without cavalry support, they did not dare approach the French positions.

The battle was a French victory, as Wellington could not advance and could not remain where he was. At daybreak he would have to retreat.

British casualties were 6 infantry, 6 cavalry and 1 gunner

French casualties were 12 infantry, 0 cavalry and 1 gunner

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