Saturday, March 26, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Move 8

Table at the start of move 8

Morillo is taking punishment from the French guns on Puebla Heights

He is moving his artillery to the right flank where they are out of range of the enemy guns, but can fire on the approaching infantry.

d’Erlon is moving his infantry into contact, support by his artillery on the hill.

Picton is trying to organise his infantry on Arinez hill, and move his artillery closer. He has given up on his routed heavy cavalry.

Alten’s artillery, and half of his infantry, are pinned by the French cuirassiers.

Gazan is taking advantage of this respite to organise the defence of Arinez village.

Graham is waiting for further orders just west of Gamara

Reille has completed his deployment at Gamara.

Morillo is still holding, and his shaken square still in place, despite heavy enemy fire

His own artillery are in place on the right flank.

Wellington has just arrived to give him orders to withdraw out of artillery range.

D’Erlon has changed his orders from Engage to Halt, until he can move his artillery to cover his infantry advance against Morillo.

Picton’s routed cavalry have passed their morale test and are now shaken

His artillery are now in place to the right of Arinez hill

His Portuguese infantry have formed square to protect the gunners

Gazan is trying to organise his remaining infantry to hold Arinez village

King Joseph has taken command of the cuirassiers and is moving them back to support Arinez village

Alten’s gunners have returned to their guns and are limbered and ready to advance.

Portuguese infantry have formed square to protect the gunners in case the cavalry return.

The remainder of Alten’s infantry are advancing over Arinez hill towards Gamara.

Graham has moved his artillery to fire on the enemy infantry in front of Gamara

Reille is on hold orders, and unable to advance towards Graham without a change of orders.

Game Notes

I was quite surprised when Jan ordered one of her many guns to fire on distant cavalry, particularly as they were her own! Fortunately the gunners missed.

We only play one move a day, so it’s easy to forget what is happening all over the table. It’s been a long time since we used our 18mm figures, and she was on the far side of the table. But even so………….

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