Saturday, March 19, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Move 2

Table at the start of move 2

On the right Morillo is moving his column closer to Picton to pin d’Erlon on Puebla heights

To his left Picton is advancing on Arinez, with his cavalry and artillery protecting both his right flank and Morillo’s move towards him

Centre left Alten is crossing the river Zadorra and approaching Arinez hill

Gazan has sent more infantry to hold the hill

Top left Graham’s cavalry have crossed the river Zadorra and deployed to cover the rest of the column as it crosses the bridge. The French artillery have caused casualties, but the cavalry are still formed.

Reille’s flank force at Gamara is holding their own, but urgently need reinforcements. He is unable to use the French reserve until Joseph agrees. Joseph is currently on the hill at Areniz observing the main allied attack

The Spanish column is moving to the right of Puebla heights, and are unaware of the French cavalry just behind the heights. Their artillery have received casualties, but are now out of artillery range

D’Erlon is moving his reserve onto the heights. A second battery, supported by infantry, is moving to the left to counter the Spanish flank march.

Picton’s column is nearing Arinez hill. He has ordered his artillery to limber and advance with the infantry. His cavalry have advanced to cover the march Wellington has joined Picton as this is now the main attack.

Gazan has moved his reserve artillery to fire on Picton. The second battery, and much of the infantry, are on the hill redeploying to counter Alten’s

Alten has sent his hussar brigade and artillery to the left to cover the rest of his column as they cross the Zadorra river

King Joseph has ordered the infantry and artillery on the hill to redeploy to meet this new threat.

Graham has moved his cavalry to the left to avoid the French artillery, but they receive further casualties just as they are moving out of range, and are now shaken. He has almost completed the crossing of the river Zadorra.

The French flank guard at Gamara have withdrawn closer to the village. The main French reserves are still in Vitoria waiting for orders from King Joseph.

The French flank guard at Gamara fire on the British cavalry and inflict casualties

Game Notes

At this early stage only the artillery are in range. The British are advancing, and unable to use their guns. The French must take full advantage of this opportunity to weaken the allied columns before they can attack.

So far the French guns have only fired three times, and have inflicted casualties each time. They are aided by their heavier guns, 9 and 12 pounder, which have a longer range than the allied 6 pounders.

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