Monday, March 21, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Move 4

Table at the start of move 4

On the right Morillo is has reached Picton’s cavalry and artillery

On Puebla Heights d’Erlon is moving his artillery to face Morillo

To his left Picton has reached the base of Areniz hill. His cavalry are to the right of the road to protect his flank, and Morillo’s move. His infantry are now hidden from the French guns in the village by the hill.

Centre left Alten has deployed his leading infantry into line.

Gazan has turned his infantry and artillery on Areniz hill to face Alten.

Top left Graham’s is deploying his infantry ready to advance on Gamara

Reille’s has withdrawn his flank force to Gamara

The Spanish column has reached Picton’s cavalry. His artillery have unlimbered to fire on the hill, but with only enemy guns for a target are unlikely to do much damage

D’Erlon has unlimbered one gun to fire on the Spanish, and his second is approaching the edge of Puebla Heights.

Picton has formed his infantry in column of attack to attack Arinez hill. He has been joined by Wellington, who has just changed his orders from move to attack.

Gazan has moved his artillery to fire on Alten, who is approaching from the left

Alten’s artillery has kept the French infantry from the forward slope of Arinez hill. His leading infantry have approached the hill, and forced the enemy guns to retire with casualties and shaken.

The French infantry and artillery on the hill are in a shambles, and should break with one more determined push.

Graham has lost his cavalry, and posted his artillery to protect his left flank. His leading infantry have formed column of attack, and the remainder have crossed the river in column of march.

Reille is moving the French reserve in Vitoria to join his flank guard at Gamara. This should hold Graham, but will not be available to hold the threatened centre at Arinez.

Game Notes

The allied infantry have advanced in column of march to cross the river and approach the enemy as quickly as possible. However they can not fight in this formation, and must change into slower moving lines or column of attack to do so.

All columns started the battle on Move orders, and Wellington is now changing them to Engage or even Attack to close with the enemy. To do so he has to join the commander and use his CP to change their orders.

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