Thursday, March 17, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Set Up

Historical background

In June 1813 Wellington fought King Joseph in the final battle fought in Spain. It was one of Wellington’s most famous victories, and drove the French out of Spain.

Vitoria 20 June 1813

Historical Orbat

Wellington British - 79000 infantry, 8300 cavalry, 90 guns

Joseph French - 66000 infantry, 11300 cavalry, 153 guns

Wargame Orbat

Wellington British - 128 infantry, 8 cavalry, 4 guns

Marmont French - 96 infantry, 12 cavalry, 6 guns

British commanders

Morillo – Peubla Heights - 32 infantry, 0 cavalry, 1 gun

Picton – Arinez - 32 infantry, 4 cavalry, 1 gun

Alten – Arinez - 32 infantry, 4 cavalry, 1 gun

Graham – Vitoria - 32 infantry, 4 cavalry, 1 gun

French commanders

Gazan – Arinez - 32 infantry, 4 cavalry, 2 guns

D’Erlon – Puebla Heights - 32 infantry, 4 cavalry, 2 guns

Reille – Vitoria - 32 infantry, 4 cavalry, 2 guns

Table at start of battle

Puebla heights is bottom right, occupied by d’Erlon.

Morillo is approaching with his Spanish corps

Arinez village and hill is in the centre

Both are occupied by Gazan

Picton is approaching from the south

Alten is on the left of the river

Vitoria is top right and Gamara on the left, both occupied by Reille

Graham is approaching on the left of the river

Game Notes

This is the first time in this series of battles that I have used 18mm figures. I have all the armies in both 18mm and 28mm, but lately I have preferred to use the larger figures. This is partly because I just like the feel of the larger models, but also because they photograph better.

But in this battle I needed greater space between the columns to make it more difficult for the French to cover all possible approach routes. It is a battle which the French should win, so Wellington needs all the help he can get.


This battle is based on Vitoria, it is not meant to be a refight of it.

We use our own rules to fight all of these battles.

Link to wargame rules

The only special rule is that we do not use the “Poor Card” for this game. There is only one Poor commander (Morillo) and if we used the card then almost certainly he would have to miss his turn every move.

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