Sunday, March 20, 2011

Battle of Vitoria - Move 3

Table at the start of move 3

On the right Morillo is moving closer to Picton.

On Puebla Heights d’Erlon is moving to his right to counter this move

To his left Picton is approaching Areniz hill. His cavalry are to the right of the road to protect his flank, and Morillo’s move. His infantry are moving in column of march, and the guns have limbered and are moving up in support.

Centre left Alten has sent his cavalry and artillery to the left to cover the infantry

Gazan has sent more infantry to hold the hill

Top left Graham’s cavalry and artillery have crossed the river Zadorra and deployed to cover the infantry as they cross.

Reille’s has withdrawn his flank force to Gamara

The Spanish column is moving to the right of Puebla heights, and are now out of range of the French artillery on the hill. On the left Picton’s cavalry cover their dangerous flank march.

D’Erlon is moving his artillery and infantry to his left, but movement is reduced on the hill. His guns will have to deploy on the edge to fire on the Spanish infantry.

Picton’s column is about to attack Arinez hill. His artillery is moving into position to support the cavalry

In moving to counter Alten crossing the river, Gazan has left his left flank on the hill unprotected. The artillery in Arinez is too far away to protect this flank. Any movement on Arinez hill is reduced by half.

Alten has deployed his leading infantry into line and is about to send them against Arinez hill. The cavalry protect his left flank, and the artillery is well positioned to engage any infantry who attempt to line the crest of the hill.

Gazan has artillery in place to fire on the enemy infantry, but his infantry are well behind the ridge.

Graham’s cavalry have suffered heavy casualties, have broken and are in rout. They have done their job, and the leading infantry and artillery are in position to attack Gamara. The remainder of his infantry are still crossing the river.

The French flank guard at Gamara have withdrawn closer to the village. Reille is moving the French reserve in Vitoria to support his flank guard at Gamara.

Game Notes

With two casualties, and already shaken, Graham’s cavalry were never likely to make their morale. He moved them out of range of the French gunners, but did not send any infantry to support the cavalry. This made a rout more likely, but no it would not affect the remainder of the column who were now all out of supporting range and would not have to test their morale for the cavalry rout.

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