Sunday, June 26, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 11

Table at the start of move 11

Hill holds Sorauren on the left
Clausel is on Cole’s Ridge in the centre
Spanish infantry hold in square on the right

British Centre

French infantry have routed Portuguese on the left
British guard brigade have routed French infantry on the right
Cole is bringing up the highland brigade far left

French Right

Skirmish fight continues, with both sides losing casualties
The British garrison of Sorauren holds on, though now shaken
French gunners have returned to their guns.

British Right

Morillo’s infantry forced into square by the French hussars
The British brigade on the hill continues to exchange fire with the approaching French

French Left

Artillery fire on Spanish square but no casualties
The French infantry win the skirmish fight on the hill on the right
The nearby Spanish infantry pass their morale despite the British rout

French Centre

British guard brigade have routed one French infantry brigade, but are now charged by the French lancers. Already disordered, the British now break and run.

Lancers clear Cole’s Ridge

The French lancers charge the elite guard brigade on Cole’s Ridge.

The infantry are disorganized after their infantry melee, and are soon broken by the cavalry.

British Left

Both sides suffer casualties in the skirmish fight on the right
Portuguese infantry on the left form square
British cavalry rally behind the square

Game Notes
Wellington continues to hold, despite the loss of his cavalry and artillery
He has lost Cole’s Ridge in the centre, but holds grimly to both flanks
Just one more move and then nightfall

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