Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 9

Table at the start of move 9

The battle is now joined along the whole front.
Wellington is holding his ground and is ready to go onto the offensive
Yellow markers indicate French brigades who are shaken

French Left

Reille has formed one brigade in square to protect his gunners.
The Spanish cavalry have charged, but were held by the French hussars
His infantry are now once more advancing

French Centre

Clausel is pleased that his two shaken brigades have rallied
The British hussars still pose a threat, causing his gunners to remain in the infantry square

French Right

d’Erlon is causing casualties in Sorauren with his artillery
His infantry are now within skirmish range of the town, but the British hold their own
British cavalry and infantry to the right of the town have advanced

British Left

Hill now has a garrison in Sorauren
On the left his Portuguese brigade moves forward supported by the heavy cavalry
Cole is marching his highland brigade off to the right

British Centre

Wellington has joined Cole as the French infantry nears the ridge
On the left the Portuguese and French exchange ineffective skirmish fire
British gunners are now manning the guns but are being threatened by French infantry

British Right

Morillo has withdrawn his shaken cavalry to the safety of his infantry squares.
Cole’s infantry on the hill must now meet the French columns on their own

Game Notes

The French have rallied their shaken brigades, and are now ready to continue their attack.

Wellington is firmly deployed and should be able to hold the ridge and town.

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