Monday, June 27, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 12

Table at the start of move 12

On the left Sorauren is still firmly held by Wellington
In the centre Cole’s Ridge has fallen to the French
On the right the French are unable to catch the retreating Spanish

British Left

Hill holds Sorauren firmly
Skirmish fight continues, but both hold
British cavalry now formed behind Portuguese square

British Right

Morillo’s infantry retreat in square
Behind them the Spanish cavalry start to rally

French Left

Reille’s infantry secure the hill on the right
His cavalry, supported by the rest of the infantry, follow the Spanish retreat

French Right

Both sides suffer in the skirmish fight
One French brigade is shaken
One British brigade has routed
But the British continue to hold Sorauren

French Centre

French lancers charge the routed British infantry and gunners and wipe them out.

Cole’s Ridge is now firmly in French hands

British Centre

Cole has just one unbroken infantry brigade
They skirmish with the French on the ridge, but to no effect

Table at the end of Move 12


Cole was given a difficult task to hold the ridge for three moves, before allied reinforcements started to arrive. He managed to do so, despite his command being widely dispersed.

Hill managed to hold Sorauren right to the end of the battle. He managed to rally his battered cavalry, and they would be available to cover the retreat

Morillo halted his Spanish behind Cole’s British infantry on the hill. As soon as the British were broken he started to retreat his infantry in squares to hold off the enemy cavalry

Wellington lost more casualties than Davout, and the result was a clear French victory. But it was not an Allied rout

British casualties were 22 infantry, 5 cavalry and 8 gunners
French casualties were 8 infantry, 3 cavalry and no gunners

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