Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 4

Table at the start of move 4

Both armies are now on the table.

Soult’s three columns are now within artillery range

Hill’s column is approaching Sorauren on the left

Morillo is moving through the pass on the right

French Left

Reille’s cavalry and artillery are in position on the Pamplona road

His infantry are moving towards the hill in a dense column of attack

French Centre

Clausel is sending his cavalry and artillery forward to hold the enemy cavalry

His infantry are moving behind this screen towards Cole’s Ridge

French Right

d’Erlon sends his cavalry to the right flank to protect his artillery

His infantry are now in column of attack and ready to advance on Sorauren

Allied Left

Hill’s column is approaching Sorauren, which is occupied by one of Cole’s brigades

The British cavalry and artillery are deploying to the left of the town

Allied Right

Wellington is on the hill observing the Spanish approach

Morillo has deployed his cavalry and artillery to screen the approach and support Cole’s brigade on the hill

The Spanish infantry are moving through the pass in column of march

Game Notes

Both armies are still out of artillery range, so the deployment is going quite smoothly.

Both Morillo and d’Erlon are Poor commanders, and have less command points to move their corps.

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