Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 5

Table at the start of move 5

Davout deploys his army

Hill arrives on the left, Morillo on the right

French Left

Reille must take the small hill, so that he can prevent the Spanish from advancing through the pass behind.

French Centre

The British artillery on Cole’s Ridge have caused casualties on the French cavalry

Davout has joined Clausel to direct the attack on the ridge

French Right

d’Erlon orders his cavalry to charge the limbered enemy artillery, who are all destroyed

His artillery have opened fire on Sorauren in preparation for the infantry attack

Allied Left

Hill’s infantry are taking position between Sorauren and Cole’s Ridge

His cavalry have counter charged the enemy cavalry and routed them

Allied Centre

Cole has concentrated his division around the ridge

His artillery are inflicting casualties on the enemy cavalry

Allied Right

Morillo’s orders have been changed to Engage, so that he can more aggressively deploy his column north of the pass

Game Notes

The French cavalry declared an Opportunity Charge on the limbered British artillery, who failed their morale to evade and were cut down. The nearby British cavalry then charged the disordered and stationary French cavalry and routed them.

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