Monday, June 20, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 8

Table at the start of move 8

Wellington is in Sorauren supervising the exchange of two brigades.The earlier garrison was supplied by Cole, and is being replaced by one of Hill’s brigades

French Left

Reille is dominating the area with his cavalry and artillery, whilst his infantry move up in support

French Centre

Clausel has two shaken brigades, one cavalry and one infantry. Having lost the cavalry melee he has had to withdraw his gunners to the safety of an infantry square. A lot will depend on whether his shaken brigades can make their morale next move

French Right

d’Erlon is pouring effective artillery fire into Sorauren
His infantry are moving forward in column of attack

British Left

Cole is claiming his brigade to support his ridge
Hill now provides the garrison of Sorauren

British Centre

Cole has taken advantage of the French disorder to move his gunners back to their guns.
He has also formed column of attack with his British brigade

British Right

Morillo has formed his infantry clear of the pass, but they are unable to advance to support the hill due to the French cavalry and artillery.

Game Notes

The French are not performing as well as expected. Their artillery is proving ineffective, and their cavalry have lost both melee they have engaged in. Two brigades are shaken, and if they lose their morale and rout it could well have a serious knock on effect.

Wellington has now sorted out his corps boundries and is ready to receive the French attack. If the French should rout, he is well placed to go onto the offensive.

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