Friday, June 17, 2011

Battle of Sorauren - Move 7

Table at the start of move 7

Davout has deployed his army into attack columns
Wellington’s whole army has now arrived and it taking position.

French Left

Reille has ordered his hussars to charge the Spanish artillery, forcing them to take shelter in the nearby infantry square.

French Centre

Clausel has ordered his lancers within charge range of the enemy gunners.
They fire and miss, then abandon their guns for the safety of an infantry square
French infantry approach Cole’s Ridge

French Right

d’Erlon’s artillery fire on the British cavalry and force them to retire
Davout orders d’Erlon to engage Sorauren
French cavalry have rallied, but still have heavy casaulties

British Left

Hill has deployed either side of SoraurenHe sends one of his infantry brigades into the village to relieve the highland brigade

British Centre

Cole has ordered his hussars forward to engage the enemy lancers
He has had to form square with his British brigade to protect his gunners from the lancers
Only his Portuguese brigade is still in line, to hold the ridge against the French attack

British Right

The Spanish gunners have also abandoned their guns and are sheltering in the square
Morillo is attempting to deploy his infantry behind the cavalry screen.

Game Notes

The French cavalry have risked casualties to threaten the enemy artillery, forcing them to abandon their guns. The infantry can now attack without having to risk canister fire as they approach the allied line.

Wellington has sent his cavalry forward to engage the French, but they in turn now risk enemy artillery fire as they approach.

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