Saturday, March 3, 2012

Battle of Toulouse

Historical background

On 10 April 1814 Wellington fought his final battle of the Peninsular War at Toulouse in southern France.

Historical Orbat

Wellington - 49000 infantry 3600 cavalry 48 guns

Soult - 42000 infantry 2700 cavalry 100 guns

Wargame Orbat

Wellington (Gifted) - 128 Infantry 16 cavalry 3 guns

Soult (Gifted) - 96 infantry 12 cavalry 5 guns

British commanders

Picton (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Beresford (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Hill (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Freire (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry

French commanders

Maransin (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 2 gun

Darmagnac (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 2 gun

Taupin (Average) - 32 infantry 4 cavalry 1 gun

Table at start of battle

Toulouse is the city in the centre of the table

The river Garonne can only be crossed by the bridge

Taupin is on the hill top right

Darmagnac is to the left of the hill

Maransin is in the city

Hill will arrive south of the river

Picton will arrive left opposite the city

Freire will arrive to the left of Picton

Beresford will arrive top right opposite the hil

Toulouse occupied by Maransin

Taupin on and behind Calvinet Ridge

Darmagnac facing towards camera

Part of Maransin facing right


This battle is based on Toulouse, it is not meant to be a refight of it.

We use our own rules to fight all of these battles.

Link to wargame rules

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