Friday, September 30, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 12

Table at start of move 12

Left top – Alten is moving his division to take position below the woods

Left centre – Howard has been delayed again by the Poor Card

Right top – British have abandoned the hill, but French too weak to take advantage

Right bottom – Clinton is ready to attack, but still waiting for orders

British left

British cavalry and artillery advance to the left of Archanques

Alten is deploying his division between the town and the river

British right

Colville has replaced the garrison with his Portuguese brigade

Clinton is moving forward between the hill and the river

French right

Villate has taken the woods, but is too weak to advance further

Maransin is still attacking Archanques

Despite heavy casualties the British riflemen continue to hold the town

French left

Abbe continues to skirmish in Villafranque

Darricau has cleared the hill, but his division is falling apart and in rout

Game Notes

At the end of the game neither side had achieved a convincing victory.

The French had taken Arcanques woods, but not the town. On the opposite side of the river Villafranque was still in dispute, but the French had more reserves than the British.

The two forward British divisions had held disputed both Archanques and Villafranque against odds of two to one. The two reserve divisions were delayed, Clinton by the river and Howard by the Poor Commander card. But as night fell they were in position and ready to attack.

The French attack had failed to take the two towns, which was their objective. But they had inflicted heavy casualties on the divisions of Alten and Colville.

British casualties 17 infantry and 4 cavalry.

French casualties 12 infantry 7 cavalry

Result a draw

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