Monday, September 19, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 1

Table at start of move 1

Left of the river Alten is deployed in and behind Arcanques

Right of the river Colville is deployed between Villafranque and Ustaritz

Villatte, also left of the river, is approaching the woods north of Arcanques

Abbe, on the right of the river, is moving towards Villafranque

British left

Alten holds Arcanques and the woods on the right

The hussar brigade is deployed to the left of the town

The remainder of his division is approaching the town

British right

Colville holds Villafranque and the hill to the left

His cavalry are to the left, to slow down the French approach

The remainder of his division are approaching the town

French right

Villate is moving towards the woods to the left of Arcanques

His cavalry have moved to the right of the town to counter the British hussars

French left

Abbe is moving towards Villafranque

His cavalry are well to the right to counter the enemy cavalry

Game Notes

One command point is normally required to move each brigade or commander. However in certain circumstances the whole command can move for just two points

Command points are covered in Rule 3

When more than 16” from the enemy brigades can take multiple moves, providing that they have sufficient command points.

Multiple moves are covered in Rule 5

The rules used can be found at

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