Saturday, September 24, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 6

Table at start of move 6

Left top – skirmish fighting for the woods

Left centre – French cavalry rout British hussars

Right top – Skirmish fighting at Villafranque

Right bottom – Clinton is approaching the hill to the left of Villafranque

British left

Wellington has taken command of Howard’s cavalry

Shaken British hussars withdraw behind them

Alten’s riflemen continue to hold the woods

The remainder of Howard’s division is moving to the right of Arcanques

British right

Colville is holding his own at Villafranque.

His artillery on the hill is causing a lot of French casualties

French dragoons have routed British dragoons

Clinton is approaching the hill behind a screen of hussars

French right

Villate is unable to take the woods

Despite this Maransin continues his advance towards Arcanques

French left

On the left Abbe is unable to make any progress against Villafranque

To his right Darricau is pushing on between the hill and the river

Abbe’s chasseurs have rallied and are available to rejoin his division

Arcanques Woods

One brigade of British riflemen hold the woods against four French brigades

The French are now under orders to attack the woods, but have been beaten back

British reinforcements are arriving at the top left of the woods

Game Notes

The British reinforcements are starting to arrive.

Archanques woods has delayed the French advance west of the river

Villafranque has done the same east of the river

Wellington has taken personal command of the heavy dragoons to allow the shaken hussars to withdraw.

Rule 2 allows the CinC to take command of any brigade

Engage orders only allow attackers to skirmish for control of woods or towns

Attack orders allow them to make a more determined attack

However the consequences of losing an attack are greater than a skirmish

Rule 11 covers skirmish

Rule 9 covers fighting at the edge of woods or towns

The rules used can be found at

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