Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 3

Table at start of move 3

Left top – two French corps, Villatte and Maransin, approaching Arcanques

Left centre – Alten holds the town and the woods

Left bottom – Clinton is moving towards the river

Right top – two French divisions, Abbe and Darricau, approaching Villafranque

Right centre – Colville has deployed in and around Villafranque

British left

Top - Alten holds Arcanques and the woods on the right

Bottom left - Howard is marching towards Arcanques

Bottom right – Clinton is heading for Villafranque

British right

Colville has concentrated around Villafranque and the hill to the left

The cavalry are holding the left and the reserve infantry moving towards the town

Enemy cavalry have advanced to charge the artillery on the hill

French right

On the left Villatte is skirmishing with the rifles in the woods

On the right Maransin has advanced his cavalry to engage the British hussars

French left

On the left Abbe is moving towards Villafranque

His leading infantry have received casualties from artillery on the hill

He has sent his cavalry forward to charge the gunners

On the right Darricau is advancing between the hill and the river

Game Notes

The French are now in artillery range, and the leading brigade has taken casualties

Artillery fire is covered in Rule 7

The rules used can be found at

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