Friday, September 23, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 5

Table at start of move 5

Left top – skirmish fighting for the woods

Left centre – Alten is moving his reserves to the right to support the woods

Right top – Darricau and Abbe are nearing Villafranque

Right centre – skirmish fighting at Villafranque

Right bottom – Clinton is approaching the hill to the left of Villafranque

British left

The arrival of the heavy dragoons from Howard’s division allow the shaken hussars to retire and join Alten to the right of Arcanques

British right
Align Center

Colville is holding his own at Villafranque.

French cavalry attempting to charge the artillery have been routed

Colville is moving his division to the right of the hill to make room for Clinton

Clinton is approaching the hill behind a screen of heavy dragoons and hussars

French right

Soult has ordered Villate to attack the woods held by the British riflemen

The first attack is a draw, both suffer casualties and both are disordered

Maransin has missed his turn due to the Poor Card

French left

French infantry are skirmishing at Villafranque

French cavalry routed by the artillery on the hill have rallied bottom right

Maransin has halted to the right of the hill to hold Clinton

Game Notes

At present the French artillery outnumber the British two to one

All guns are within range, but the French are proving ineffective

The British artillery near Villafranque is causing a lot of casualties

In these rules casualties are reasonably difficult to inflict.

But all casualties can be critical if a unit fails to make their morale

Rule 7 covers artillery fire

Rule 18 covers morale

The rules used can be found at

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