Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Battle of the Nive - Move 9

Table at start of move 9

Left top – Riflemen retreat from edge of woods due to heavy casualties

Left centre – French cavalry have forced 2nd division to halt and form square

Right top – French close in on Villafranque hill

Right bottom – French dragoons rout from British squares

British left

Riflemen are starting to withdraw from the woods due to heavy casualties

Howard’s division push on towards the woods

British artillery redeploy to cover left flank

British right

Clinton forms column of attack and is ready to advance

British dragoons are shaken having received artillery casualties

Villafranque hill and village are about to be over run by the French

Fighting in Villafranque

1st British brigade have routed due to heavy casualties

The highland brigade which replaced them have also taken casualties

Artillery are being withdrawn on the nearby hill

French right

As the riflemen retire from the woods, French infantry advance again

Maransin continues his advance towards Arcanques

Arcanques Woods

The riflemen are withdrawing from the woods due to heavy casualties

A line brigade is moving into the woods to replace them

Three French brigades are about to attack the woods

French left

The French cavalry have taken heavy casualties and fall back in disorder

French infantry from both divisions attack the hill

On the right Darricau is outflanking the hill and advancing towards the bridge

Game Notes

The British reinforcements on both sides of the river have been delayed by the French cavalry success. The cavalry are now a spent force, but they have gained precious time for their infantry and artillery to over run the British forward positions are Arcanques and Villafranque.

The forward British divisions have orders to Hold, and must counter attack if they are driven back. Wellington must now order both divisions to withdraw slightly to allow time for the reinforcements to arrive. If he can achieve this without too many casualties he may yet win the day.

Rule 4 explains the limitations of the difference types of corps orders

The rules used can be found at


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